I got this in honor of my friends in Jonas Sees in Color. They’ve helped me through a lot. 
‘So, I was hesitant to tell you guys this because my friends said it was cool but creepy. I got this tattoo as dedication to yall and everything you’ve done for me over the past few years. My senior year of high school I was stuck (pretty sure I’ve told you this before). I didn’t want to go to college, I wanted to move far away, I wasn’t going anywhere. Then yall came into my life and gave me something to love again and I was happier. I found a career I love, entertainment, a reason to stay here. 
I’ve always wanted an anklet so it just worked out perfectly. I spent a good chunk of change and spent several hours lying on a table in Golden Spiral Studio bleeding and wincing (but not crying or screaming oddly enough-I’m a champ!) in order to get this. And yes, the colors on the lock are the pattern from the eye symbol yall used years ago. The fence represents how trapped I felt; the lock being my way out of my slump and becoming a better person. Even when you feel hopeless, there’s always something.’